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Postby stephelp09 » Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:41 pm

Hi All,

I'm a graduate of a foreign medical school (carib) and matched this year into a top 10 neurology residency. Until I start residency on June 30th, I have some free-time during which I will be doing freelance tutoring (princeton review SAT) and am also going to extend myself for help with USMLE prep. I can advise on step 1/2 and can also help as a study partner for CS.

I have a few friends who did not match, and I was successful in helping them find clinical research interviews (NYU, Mt. Sinai, Cornell, Einstein). So I can advise on this as well, or help you find something for yourself in your area.

The new ERAs season is a few months away and I know everyone is working on their personal statements--if you need someone to read it for you and give feedback, I am a native english speaker and can do so. If you like my feedback and would like me to edit your statements for you, I will do it for $50-$80 per statement (depending on how much needs to be fixed).

I'm a newly graduated broke medical student, so of course I'm going to charge a little in order to help myself out, but I promise it is not going to be anything outrageous as some other services. I honestly just want to help others out as I was in your shoes last year!

please email them to me at:
my states: step 1: 241/99, step 2: 263/99, cs: pass on first attempt
30 neuro IV (went on 17), ~15 prelim IV (went on 10), got my #1 choice! :D
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